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Website (WordPress) Loading Speed For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to push or rank any website at the top of search engine search result page. This term is becoming a popular way to achieve free natural traffic for web pages. There are some guidelines from giant search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing to hold a position at top page. It’s called white hat SEO or natural SEO. Website loading speed optimization is one of them and it is very important for SEO. Specially for Google SEO. In this article, I am going to discuss about website loading speed optimization factors and Google’s view on it. And it is going to be very important for WordPress CMS users.


Google is the most popular and the biggest search engine giant all over the world. As far I know it always tries to use own developed tools and a very few times it takes services from other tech companies. It develops own tools and services for everywhere possible such as Google has own SSL certificate and programming language (python). And this way Google has its own tool Google Insights to detect loading speed for any webpage and it don’t follow others like “Pingdom” or “GTmetrix”


Here my suggestion is if you are expecting to rank your website in Google and trying to do loading speed optimization for your website, then don’t follow others but only Google Insights.


I am sharing an experience of mine about the speed optimization of WordPress CMS based website. A few days ago, one of my SEO clients knocked me and saying that his WordPress website is broken after installing a loading speed optimization plugin from directory. He don’t have any idea why it happened and he tried a lot to reverse the website as it was but it was not going back. After seeing the website wired, he took paid version of that plugin but it failed to resume the website. Here I am sharing two screenshot before and after: –




After my visiting on the website I found it completely broken and asked him that if he has taken a backup of previous days but he didn’t. He was also not a web developer. He installed the plugin after watching a video from YouTube and tried to take it back as it was in last day. But failed to bring it back. Now he need someone to make it as it was before installing the plugin. Before discussing with me, he talked a several developed and all of them said that the site needs reconstruction because it is broken from the backend and cannot be reversed. After hearing this from me he asked “So, I purchasing the plugin is a great loss for me?”


I replied “No, purchasing the plugin is not a loss for but the both of purchasing price of the plugin and website reconstructions price.” He laughed but it was nothing to say and send me a sad emotions in Skype. Then hired me to rebuild his website.


Actually theses plugin are a pre-coded web application which works like a robot. For an example just think about most popular robot or artificial intelligent “Sophia”.


When it was in Bangladesh, then it had been asked a few question such as “what is your favorite color?” but it could not answer. In another way it knows the name and all the member’s name our honorable PM Sheikh Hasina. Here it is clear that it works based on as it is programmed. The plugins are same, may be free or paid.


Google GT Metrix
Google GT Metrix


Now you have question “what should I do to skip this problem?” To skip this kinds of problems you should take help from web developers not from the plugins. Because a developer will understand the need of your website and optimize it properly.


I think you have got a clear idea why should take help of web developers to optimize loading speed of your website. Thanks for visiting my website and reading this article.

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