Universal Groups Australia


Universal group is a globally successful company which has secured the trust of its patrons by providing unmatchable eminent services and has been unswervingly complying with Universal Group various requirements for 50 years. Universal group has successfully taken the market leadership in real estate services and property acquisitions. Universal Group believe in persistent expansion and therefore have expanded Universal Group services in the fields of marketing and customized business.

Universal Group have a substantial network of offices and professionals which leave no stone unturned to provide you with the finest deals and services for property acquisitions. Universal group is inferior to no one in terms of its business practices and technology. Universal Group put plenty of effort striving to formulate new and innovative business methods and to get hold of the best technology to serve you better. Universal Group offices are populated with self-motivated and work focused employees.

Building long term relationships is an important element of Universal Group agenda. Universal Group emphasize on building relationships not only with Universal Group patrons for property acquisitions, but also with Universal Group employees and shareholders. Whether you stand for a small organization or a major business, Universal group vows to cater to Universal Group needs. Offering innumerable schemes and granting bonuses to Universal Group regular patrons is Universal Group way of showing appreciation.

Apart from property acquisition programs, Universal Group projects include women’s fashion and cosmetics portal, real estate database programs, world level and country level real estate portals. Universal Group specialize in unravelling real estate problems and also making property acquisition more unproblematic than before.