New Freelancer VS Established Freelancer

Why new freelancers should not join in and take membership plan to waste money?


Disclaimer: – This article is my views and what do I think on it. If it doesn’t match with your views and points, then don’t be panic or take it a bite on your heart. Just exit from here.


Are you a newbie in freelancing sector? Want to build a career or earn money from As a newbie you should not join in because you’ll never win projects or job for being a new user. is a popular and favorite marketplace to those who want to start or earn money from online by freelancing. Many new users are trying to join here with the hope to earn money from online. After and, it is most popular but recently they have developed a new ranking algorithm to rank freelancer’s proposal to stop users to copy and paste cover letter. But this new algorithm is not perfect and I don’t think it can be developed perfectly because human brain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are different. Human brain works as per human needs but AI works according with its codes or as it is programmed.


In this article, I’ll explain why this new ranking algorithm is not perfect and why it is dangerous for new users.


I hope you have noticed that in recent time, when you place bid on any project or job in, then you have a notice saying “You are ranked X out of XXX” like the screenshot


Freelancer Ranking
Freelancer Ranking


I had done a live chat with live support and tried to understand what they say about it. They said that it works with following factors:-


  • Number of good reviews
  • Number of bad reviews and incomplete
  • Number of Milestones
  • Size of Milestones
  • Time tracker usage for hourly projects
  • Repeat Hire
  • Lifetime earnings
  • Number of reviews


Ranking in Freelancer
Ranking in Freelancer


But I don’t think this is correct or this new algorithm working properly. Let’s start talking about all the points of above.


So a very new freelancer don’t have these factors and will be ranked at the last of all proposals. Clients will never see new freelancer’s proposal. So there no possibility to win projects for new freelancers.


So I’ll not recommend new freelancers to join in and take membership plan. It will be a great loss for them. So new freelancer should not waste their time in this marketplace.


Now I am going to talk about another way how steal freelancer’s money.




On 15th, June, 2020 I have submitted a withdrawal of BDT 3,390.00 Tk from USD $37.91 but after some time I had decided to withdraw it though PayPal and canceled express withdrawal request. Then when I was trying to convert it back to USD from BDT and when conversion is done, then USD $37.91 became $34.25.


Conversion Freelancer
I don’t understand where did remaining $3.00 gone? This market place is really bullshit. So new freelancers should not join in this useless marketplace.

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