Who is Sk Ahsan Arif?

Sk Ahsan Arif is a freelance WordPress Web Designer & Developer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert, Social Media Manager & Marketer, Virtual Assistant Service provider since 2010.

Why Sk Ahsan Arif?

When you need an awesome web developer, search engine optimization expert, social media marketer or manager, virtual assistant, you can hire me.

What makes you different from others?

My skills, experience, problem solving Intelligence , quick learning talent and an excellent communicative habit makes me different from others.

Where are you located?

I am located in both of Bangladesh, and Japan.

Are you avaiable in client's time zone?

Yes, I am always available in my client's time zone, and I am can work any time zone that fits for my clients.

Your pricing is a bit high. Why?

No, my price is not very high but you should understand that quality goods or service always trends in the market with a little bit high price than others.

Can I pay at the end of the month or after the task done?

No. You must pay the full (at least 75%) amount as upfront via PayPal.

What if you disappear after taking money?

I am doing business. If you can not trust me, then it would better if we don't work together. And this is why I always take payment via PayPal for client's protection.

Do you talk in video call?

Yes, I talk in video call if my client wants.

May I get my money back if I am not satisfied with your work?

No. After delivering your work, you will not get a refund. You have to ask for a refund within 6 hours from the time you have made the payment because I always start working on the project within 6 hours after I get the fund.

How can I check how many hours have worked on my projects?

Good question. I can work though slack or client;s time tracker. I also have my own time tracker application what takes screenshot of my screen and keeps record of all activities happened on my PC