New Freelancer VS Established Freelancer

Why new freelancers should not join in and take membership plan to waste money?


Disclaimer: – This article is my views and what do I think on it. If it doesn’t match with your views and points, then don’t be panic or take it a bite on your heart. Just exit from here.


Are you a newbie in freelancing sector? Want to build a career or earn money from As a newbie you should not join in because you’ll never win projects or job for being a new user. is a popular and favorite marketplace to those who want to start or earn money from online by freelancing. Many new users are trying to join here with the hope to earn money from online. After and, it is most popular but recently they have developed a new ranking algorithm to rank freelancer’s proposal to stop users to copy and paste cover letter. But this new algorithm is not perfect and I don’t think it can be developed perfectly because human brain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are different. Human brain works as per human needs but AI works according with its codes or as it is programmed.


In this article, I’ll explain why this new ranking algorithm is not perfect and why it is dangerous for new users.


I hope you have noticed that in recent time, when you place bid on any project or job in, then you have a notice saying “You are ranked X out of XXX” like the screenshot


Freelancer Ranking
Freelancer Ranking


I had done a live chat with live support and tried to understand what they say about it. They said that it works with following factors:-


  • Number of good reviews
  • Number of bad reviews and incomplete
  • Number of Milestones
  • Size of Milestones
  • Time tracker usage for hourly projects
  • Repeat Hire
  • Lifetime earnings
  • Number of reviews


Ranking in Freelancer
Ranking in Freelancer


But I don’t think this is correct or this new algorithm working properly. Let’s start talking about all the points of above.


So a very new freelancer don’t have these factors and will be ranked at the last of all proposals. Clients will never see new freelancer’s proposal. So there no possibility to win projects for new freelancers.


So I’ll not recommend new freelancers to join in and take membership plan. It will be a great loss for them. So new freelancer should not waste their time in this marketplace.


Now I am going to talk about another way how steal freelancer’s money.




On 15th, June, 2020 I have submitted a withdrawal of BDT 3,390.00 Tk from USD $37.91 but after some time I had decided to withdraw it though PayPal and canceled express withdrawal request. Then when I was trying to convert it back to USD from BDT and when conversion is done, then USD $37.91 became $34.25.


Conversion Freelancer
I don’t understand where did remaining $3.00 gone? This market place is really bullshit. So new freelancers should not join in this useless marketplace.

ID Verification in Freelancing Marketplace

Disclaimer: – This article is a point of my own view and all problems I have faced before getting success. It may not be match with others. So before you read this full article, be advised that don’t take it in your heart.


In recent days, Freelancing has become a very popular profession and most of the Bangladeshi young aged are trying to build an online career in and trying to earn some money from there. After trying a hard for a long time a freelancer profile holder gets project and start earning with a small amount such as $5, $10, $50 or max $100. But always trying to eat or steal that earning behind the shadow of Identity Verification. In this article, I am going to describe “Why Bangladeshi Freelancers Can Not Verify Their Identity with Online Copy?”


Okay, let’s think you are from Bangladesh and you have profile in You just earned $100 from a project/job/contest. It is accepted that they don’t allow you withdraw an amount of less than $30. So, we can imagine that we have earned $100 and trying to get the fund on hand.

Freelancer Withdraw

Note: Your first withdrawal is delayed for 15 days for security reasons.




I really don’t understand the point that first withdrawal will be delayed for 15 days for security reasons. Anyone can tell me tell me what kind of security reasons are applicable here? Actually here is no security reasons or anything else but they are looking for a reason if they can prevent you from withdrawing money. If you talk to their live support to know the security reasons to make it 15 days delayed, their answer will be: –

“Sorry, we cannot disclose this security reasons because it is our privacy and policy. If you are not comfortable with it then you can close your profile.”

So, freelancer are helpless here and submit withdrawal request using preferred payment method and wait with hope that money is coming. Now all friends and relatives start to laugh on because of everyone start thing that earning money by freelancing is totally false. I am leaving parents to another side because they have right to advice their baby. With these all criticisms the freelancer fall in depression and get locked in room along for a few days with hope that money is coming.


Now 15 days is past and freelancer is checking the payment method he used to submit withdrawal request. But no money there. So, to be sure freelancer starts to explore in profile. After logged in got shocked with the following screen: –

You may see this warning on the main dashboard or top header for your dashboard

“To process your withdrawal request successfully, you need complete our ID Verification Process”

ID Verification Freelancer


Here is another worst thing in

They will accept any Government Issued such as Passport, current Driver’s License or National ID Card (Smart ID Card).

But Smart NID is not still available for all in Bangladesh. So, a Bangladeshi freelancer will try to register for Smart ID Card and after a few days an online copy will be available for download.  The freelancer will download that and print it from a photo studio, then submit it for verification but it will be rejected.


Why this printed temporary online copy will be rejected?


Actually detects the validity of any NID card by using the barcode printed on it. In an online copy or temporary NID card copy, the barcode is printed on the back side of it.


This image is collected from


In this photo the black area in red square is the barcode used in Bangladeshi NID card. The problem is that when you print it by a normal Inkjet photo printer or a laser printer, it will be printed as a photo or general text, not as the barcode. To print barcodes a different kinds of printer is used all over the world and only that printer can print the barcodes accurately


Barcode Printer


When you take a photo of your NID card by your smart phone or scan it, it easily catches it because these devices are able to read barcodes.

So general printers print is as image or text and these are not barcodes. When’s machines or devices they use to detect the barcode to check the validity, that machines detects nothing. And now your ID card gets rejected.

So, now what are you thinking? Make a passport or learn driving to license? These all will take at least 3 months and if you don’t verify your account within 45-60 days, your account will be closed and the fund you earned will become’s property.

Okay, you already have Smart NID or Passport or Driving License. You need another document such as Bank Statement (Transaction History) or Utility Bill as the proof of your address. Utility Bill may not possible because you may live in a rent house or when your family house was made, you were not in the world. Another thing when it was made, your guardian won’t register it on with your until you become adult. So, no change for utility bill. Yes, of course there is a change of bank statement. When you will open a new account in any Bank, it will never has a transaction history. I mean you cannot go bank each day and deposit and withdraw it again and again. So, no transaction history, no statement. If you have made some transactions history by following above, you will get black and white printed history of your transactions. will not accept it. Actually they will need a solvency which is a printed document but it is printed on the Bank’s own paper such as the example photo given below. It is not the exact one but something like this:-


In another word, you can call it “Bank Certificate”. If you ask for it to your bank’s branch manager or any officer of bank, they will have a look on you like they are watching a ghost or they are living in Mars. Actually it is allowed for the business account holders and having more than 1 lacks BDT transactions in each month.


So you are failed to verify your account and it is closed in 45-60 days. And your money is theirs. When you will do “ keycode verification”, I cannot but laugh here. For keycode verification you have to submit a photo like a prisoner




I hope will be perfect on theses bullshit activates. If you are new in freelancing and willing to join in, then don’t join in I’ll tell you why you should not join in in my next article.

Thanks a lot for reading it.

Google Speed

Website (WordPress) Loading Speed For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to push or rank any website at the top of search engine search result page. This term is becoming a popular way to achieve free natural traffic for web pages. There are some guidelines from giant search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing to hold a position at top page. It’s called white hat SEO or natural SEO. Website loading speed optimization is one of them and it is very important for SEO. Specially for Google SEO. In this article, I am going to discuss about website loading speed optimization factors and Google’s view on it. And it is going to be very important for WordPress CMS users.


Google is the most popular and the biggest search engine giant all over the world. As far I know it always tries to use own developed tools and a very few times it takes services from other tech companies. It develops own tools and services for everywhere possible such as Google has own SSL certificate and programming language (python). And this way Google has its own tool Google Insights to detect loading speed for any webpage and it don’t follow others like “Pingdom” or “GTmetrix”


Here my suggestion is if you are expecting to rank your website in Google and trying to do loading speed optimization for your website, then don’t follow others but only Google Insights.


I am sharing an experience of mine about the speed optimization of WordPress CMS based website. A few days ago, one of my SEO clients knocked me and saying that his WordPress website is broken after installing a loading speed optimization plugin from directory. He don’t have any idea why it happened and he tried a lot to reverse the website as it was but it was not going back. After seeing the website wired, he took paid version of that plugin but it failed to resume the website. Here I am sharing two screenshot before and after: –




After my visiting on the website I found it completely broken and asked him that if he has taken a backup of previous days but he didn’t. He was also not a web developer. He installed the plugin after watching a video from YouTube and tried to take it back as it was in last day. But failed to bring it back. Now he need someone to make it as it was before installing the plugin. Before discussing with me, he talked a several developed and all of them said that the site needs reconstruction because it is broken from the backend and cannot be reversed. After hearing this from me he asked “So, I purchasing the plugin is a great loss for me?”


I replied “No, purchasing the plugin is not a loss for but the both of purchasing price of the plugin and website reconstructions price.” He laughed but it was nothing to say and send me a sad emotions in Skype. Then hired me to rebuild his website.


Actually theses plugin are a pre-coded web application which works like a robot. For an example just think about most popular robot or artificial intelligent “Sophia”.


When it was in Bangladesh, then it had been asked a few question such as “what is your favorite color?” but it could not answer. In another way it knows the name and all the member’s name our honorable PM Sheikh Hasina. Here it is clear that it works based on as it is programmed. The plugins are same, may be free or paid.


Google GT Metrix
Google GT Metrix


Now you have question “what should I do to skip this problem?” To skip this kinds of problems you should take help from web developers not from the plugins. Because a developer will understand the need of your website and optimize it properly.


I think you have got a clear idea why should take help of web developers to optimize loading speed of your website. Thanks for visiting my website and reading this article.